Hi, already two weeks (and a half)!

Now, this time, I haven't made as much progress I would have wanted, but here is what have been done during this week (and a half):

What I've been doing

  • I have set up a quick and dirty repo using reprepro to test modified packages easily.
  • I have figured out why some of the u-boot images I've made failed with "junk in compressed archive" without any apparent reason.
  • I have included the glamo drivers, as well as various fixes for the FR.
  • I have made some various minor changes to d-i to support the new kernel flavour (s3c24xx) I'm working on.

As a result, the Debian Installer works on the FreeRunner, you can install Debian on the FR using it, but it won't setup anything for the bootloader.

Oh, and another important thing is that the GIT repos are now up and running!

You can try the prebuilt image or build it yourself. Note that you'll probably want to use a custom repo with the modified udebs. An alternative is to modify pkg-lists/netboot/network-console/armel/s3c24xx.cfg to include them in the image.

What's coming next

Well, nothing is sure, but I may:

  • wonder how we can build and run d-i for an Android Phone
  • continue hacking a user-friendly interface to upload the d-i image to the FreeRunner and boot it
  • think about how we should handle the different bootloaders on the FR (that's gonna be a pain, Qi is really limited, and U-Boot wants a fat32 partition, at least with its default configuration)
  • work with OM to clean the drivers and submit them upstream, that would be helpful to get the s3c24xx flavour approved by the kernel team